Monday, June 6, 2011

River Rats

This post is LONG overdue, but I have had a really hard time getting these pics to upload to blogger. Is anyone else having problems with their blogger b/c I am thisclose to not blogging anymore b/c of it.

Anyway.....on Memorial Day weekend, Derek, his family, Gavin and myself all went down to the river on the new property his parents' bought. We had only been down there once before and it was not warm enough to get in the water.

This was last minute for us, so excuse the redneck swimsuits :) This is where we will be building our house next to, and we were so sooo happy that Gavin took to the water so well. We had no idea he would like it so much, but you couldn't keep the kid still. He wanted to go go go. We didn't have a life jacket for him, so we didn't get in anything deep, but he had a blast. I think this will become a regular thing to do this summer.

Splashing around with Daddy

Derek's aunt Brandi, his sister Alissa, and myself hanging out on the rocks.

Family shot, without Derek. He was too busy to pose for a pic.
Notice Gavin sliding down my leg to get back in the water!

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Anonymous said...

I say come on over to wordpress:) You wont have all the issues with blogger. Its free also!

Looks like a fun time in the river