Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My life in 2 weeks

Talk about a major Blog Funk! Every time I got on the computer at work to blog(b/c getting on at home is impossible w/a kiddo) I had someone come into my office to visit, or just bother me by sitting there watching me work. Ha! So, unfortunately, no blogging for me lately! I'll try to sum up what's been going on with bullets :)

  • I've been buying and ordering and planning all the things I needed to update our kitchen at our home. It's always been the most needed, yet postponed project in my home. But, now that we know for sure we are selling, we decided to go a little cheaper and go ahead and redo it now. I got all new appliances, counter tops, backsplash & hardware and can't wait for it all to be complete. All I'm waiting on is the counter tops to be put in and then everything else can go in. I really wanted new cabinets, but since we're moving, it's an unnecessary expense.

  • I've also been doing tons of research on home builders, floor plans, architects & all the other things needed in order to build a home. I have a floor plan I came up with but need a professional to touch it up. It's sooo exciting, but scary all at once. There is a zillion things to think about and when you are building on a complete empty piece of land without sewer, water, electricity, etc...it's also WAY expensive to even get started. So, with that said, we're slowing down a little and focusing on getting as much for a down payment as possible. In the meantime, I can still shop and research to make sure I know exactly what I want in a home when the time comes. We're shooting for a year.

  • The hubs sold one of his boats and to my surprise wants to sell his other one :( As much as we LOVE going out on his boat, we just never get to any more. There's not enough time. If he wants to go fishing, he goes with his dad in the river on his parent's land. This saddens me a lot to get rid of his boat. And he JUST paid it off! But, our priorities have switched and it will go as part of our down payment we are saving for.

  • I've been treated for gastroparesis since I was 18. After the last few months of having complications, I went back to my gastroenterologists and he came to the conclusion that I've been misdiagnosed. My luck! After blood tests and 2 different meds, still no for sure diagnoses. Next is a stomach biopsy & endoscopy. I don't care what's wrong with me as long as it's fixed. Imagine being sick to your stomach every single time you eat. It's hell!

  • Work is insane. The damage from all the tornadoes are unspeakable and our company has cleanup crews working on it, making my job extra busy. I've had closeup pics & videos and stories being shown to me and it never fails to bring me to tears and leave me speechless. The weather is going nuts. I can't imagine what hurricane season will leave us with! Although good for business, it's never a happy occasion to have to go clean up from such disasters.

That's everything that's been going on in my world. I've got a couple posts with pictures to work on, so hopefully I can get them done today. That is, if nobody comes to "hang out" in my office!


The Pifer's said...

I am so excited for you that you are getting ready and looking at things for building, I can't wait to see your floorplan and to see/hear all the details. It will be stressful but soooooo worth it! So happy for you!

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Im glad to know Im not the only one that has been in a blogging "non existent time".

Ashlee McCrary said...

wow you've got a lot going on! I hope I can one day design & build our own home. sounds stressful but fun too! hope the dr can get you fixed up girly!

~Shelly~ said...

I have never heard of Gastroparesis.. but for about a year or so I was getting extremely nauseated every night before bed. . at least thats how it started. It then moved to almost every day no matter what time of day it was. I even had to leave work 1 day and on the way home I pulled over in the Hooters parking lot bc I thought for sure I was about to puke in my lap while driving. I knew it was my IUD bc I had been googling it. My doc said it wasnt since I had already had it for almost 2 yrs before this started and I never felt it before. So she put me on heartburn meds and it helped. Last October I couldnt take it anymore so I got my IUD taken out and it has helped 95%! I sometimes still feel it but its not NEAR as much as it was. I rarely take the pills anymore. ANYWAY I know how u feel & I hope u get some relief from it in a hurry!