Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pool time

Last weekend, we broke out Gavin's pool since he enjoyed the river so much. I was the one that was supposed to get in the water with him, but he managed to sucker Derek in instead. Ha! We were surprised how much he didn't enjoy it though. We'll try it again maybe this weekend or next. Until then, Gavin is having a BLAST walking through the dog's pool and playing the the dog's water instead!


Nichole said...

Cute pool! Maybe he will like it more later! :o) I have to give my son some toys in his or he doesnt really like it either. I gave him toys like we used for bath time. He also loves splashing really big, but we had to get him started. He didnt think he was allowed to since he not allowed during bath time. LOL

Ashlee McCrary said...

That's such a cute pool! I'll come swim with him! lol I might need a cute whale pool for myself to keep cool this summer!

~Shelly~ said...

Cute pool!!!