Thursday, June 9, 2011

My son is......

...absolutely, 100% obsessed with his crocs. I bought them at Walmart a size too big b/c I didn't want to pass up the chance in getting him some. They were hard to find last summer. And I tried them on him a couple weeks ago. Every since then, he literally brings them to me, sits down in my lap and grunts until I put them on. And when I take them off, he cries. He even takes his naps with them on at daycare. This is one of the quirkiest things I've seen with a 1 yr old and it cracks me up!!

Here he is playing with just them and a diaper on.

...An EXCELLENT helper in the kitchen.

He loads (and unloads) the dishes for me all the time!

... Such a daddy's boy. They take the best naps together. As soon as Derek gets home, he forgets all about his Momma and clings to Derek. It's bittersweet.

...Is so silly. He doesn't play with hardly any of his toys. Mostly bowls, balls, and coasters.

...a pretty messy eater. I'm just lucky he eats so well. Most of the time.

...he is alll boy! LOVES to get completely dirty by playing in the dog water, dog pool and all the rocks and mud in eyesight!But I don't mind:)

My son is my world! I know some people that all they can think about is their personal plans and who gets to keep their kids while they go out. I on the other hand only think a bout my time spent with him. Gavin is in daycare all day. I only spend time with him before and after daycare, which consists of us getting ready or eating and only playing a short while before bed. So the weekends are all his!

It really is true, that when you have to wait for such a blessing such as a child of your own, that you truly cherish it so much more!

I can't imagine my life without him. I've been getting so many compliments lately about how good and well behaved he is too, which makes me smile from ear to ear.

Lately, all Gavin has been saying is Uh-Oh, LighT (with a strong T) and Momma!!! We're working on Dog again since he doesn't say that as much, as well as Dada which he only says now on occasion.

We play this talking game where he makes a funny wu-wu-wu sound and i do it back. And then he gets more high pitched. It's like he's trying to see who can go highest. He cracks me up!

OK, I could seriously spend all day on here talking about him, so I'll stop for now.

Maybe I'll have some time to blog again soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only parent who truly loves spending time with their child. I see so many people always wanting kids to go off but I can't seem to do it. They only stay little for so long!

How cute about the crocs. We might have to give those a try! Morgan hates shoes so anything maybe to help.

Ashlee McCrary said...

Can I just say how cute his chubby foot is in that dishwasher pic?! Hehe!

I know what you mean about people with different priorities. I'm lucky to spend most of my days with Rylie & sometimes I do feel I need a break, but the second she's gone, I miss her completely. She's my world & I never think it's been "enough" time with her. Even if I spent every second with her I'd still feel it wasnt enough. It's just such an amazing feeling to be a Mommy & we're both so lucky to experience it & appreciate it!

Lauren said...

He is so so adorable!!!! :)