Monday, May 16, 2011


It's official. My son has to start being disciplined.

Before I became a parent, it was so easy for me to throw out the "my kids will not do this, and will not do that. And my kids will learn how to behave, etc."

So much easier said than done. So, you know how I've been complaining of sleepless nights and Gavin being sick? Well that WAS the case at first. Then it just got out of control the last week. I was sleeping on a pallet in his room with him every night just to get him to stop crying. And it was pretty obvious he was just crying for me. I'm all about crying it out and have done it in the past. I know it works. But the older he gets, the worse the cries are & they are SO MUCH WORSE!

Anyways, I waited for Derek to get home to start the "crying it out" again. He cried every night this weekend except last night. HALLELUJAH!!

Along with the awful nights of him crying and being super duper clingy to me everywhere I walked, Gavin has been just a hot mess at all times. So fussy. I seriously was at my whits end with my once-happy kid.

So, I've been reading a lot, talking with his doctor and getting advice from friends & finally went to my big sister for her advice. She said "it's time you show him who's boss and start disciplining him."

NOOOOOooooo!!! He's so young! Surely it can't be time. He doesn't know better!

Well, we started having to give him a strong NO & telling him it's not ok to act that way and what do ya know? It works! Luckily, we haven't had to do time-outs yet. But I'm not looking forward to that b/c I know my kid will just get up and play wherever he is.

The funniest thing about disciplining him, is that he stops what he's doing, sticks out his bottom lip, says a little "humf" and walks off & pouts quietly. It is the.cutest.thing.ever!

I can't believe I'm already having to do this with my ONE year old! Who know I'd be such a pushover.

This parenting thing is hard sometimes :)

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Anonymous said...

we have already had to tell Morgan no and give her harsh words its not easy at all and it seems like the older she gets the harder it gets. How come it cant always be easy:)